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DEEP Processing: Basic Concepts


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In a troubled relationship there are some hidden factors that make the situation worse. We tend to slip into roles and respond irrationally. One could of course look at each upset or conflict to sort it out. In DEEP processing we are, however, looking for one of the root causes. In the illustration we see what happens in the woman's mind. She has a 'package of images, energy-masses and ideas about angry men and one of self responding. Each package is called an Identity (ID). In certain types of conflicts, these two reactive identities are at work. The woman will project her negative 'blue angry man identity' onto the person in front of her. He appears 'all blue'. She will react to this 'blue man' according to her own 'red angry woman identity'. Using DEEP Processing the woman can have her own mind cleared of the two irrational and clashing identities. Once that is done, the actual relationship will change dramatically as well.


In DEEP processing we find these identities as energy-masses (mental ridges) in the mind. We process each of them separately. The first step is to find the troublesome Identity in opposition (the counter-pole or ID2). The woman can be asked to think of a specific conflict with the man. She is asked questions in order to locate the apparent energy-mass that represents the man in the conflict. She is asked to describe or draw its shape and impact on the body as it appears to her. She finds a few characteristics to describe how that role feels. The energy-mass can be perceived to be anywhere; inside or outside the body; near or far away; around the head or elsewhere. Once the basic characteristics of this mental energy-mass is established, one can find the decisions, emotions, energies and polarities that role operates on.
The name DEEP derives from that as it stands for: Decisions, Emotions, Energies and Polarities, and these are the elements the practitioner can isolate and discharge in these identities, resulting in the IDs lose their power to irrationally control the client or to interfere in the relationship.

 Finding and discharging the "blue man" counter-pole is thus the first step. Once that is done, the woman can be that role without losing her temper or leave it alone at will.
Next, we find the energy-mass that represents herself in the conflict (Own ID, ID1). An Identity contains a whole package of experiences and incidents going way back in time. All this has been organized into an Identity to make it quickly and easily available. It became an identity, as the woman adopted a whole set of  emotions, responses and fixed ideas to use in similar situations. It has to some degree taken on a life of its own. This can be very subtle yet it can be found in the best of us without fail. One reason the two identities persist, is that they hang up against each other in an unresolved conflict or games-condition. They are both "right" and are blind when it comes to seeing the situation from the other point of view. 

There is a series of steps in DEEP processing, all designed to dissolve the two identities as energy-masses. Once the steps are successfully done, the woman can suddenly see her counter-pole for what he really is. She can now communicate directly with the person. She has no need to use or project the blue energy-mass onto the man. It acted as prejudice and mental name calling. As a rule the counter-pole is a dehumanized, demonized or grossly distorted version of the actual person.
Likewise, she can be herself without slipping into the red side of the problem. She can therefore take the lead in resolving problems between them in a rational manner.

By using the various DEEP processing techniques, all kinds of new and old conflicts are being addressed. Also turbulent periods of a person's life can be addressed as the confusion contained therein, consisted of viewpoints in conflict.

The Super Problems Process
One technique within DEEP processing is called the Super Problems Process. Here we take up a subject the client is passionate about. We find all the goals and identities in conflict or opposition to each other within that certain area, be it "marriage," "study," "religion," "collecting stamps," "football," "health," "enforcing the law," etc. We can address  any subject the client is passionate about, one after the other. Processing the area has a powerful outcome
just like it happens in an Italian opera if the plot comes to a happy ending: All the efforts and characters come together in the grand finale having learned to live and work together. They can sing the same tune with one powerful voice!

As a result of the various DEEP processing techniques, unwanted conditions, physical and emotional, are routinely alleviated. Often forgotten or innocent looking conflicts from childhood are found and reveal heavy disturbances in the energy field. Processing them, using DEEP processing, can turn the key and unlock troubled relationships and unwanted conditions. New circumstances in life may reveal dormant energy-masses that can be addressed right away. At some point, all available energy-masses have been resolved using a number of DEEP techniques. The woman will have reached a state of clarity of mind, of having thoroughly cleansed her energy field. She will have grown as a spiritual Being as a result. She will be much more able to enjoy life. She can meet any adversity with an open mind and a resolve that makes it seem like a game she is willing to play.

Note: in this day and age of equal opportunity and equality among the sexes, the above example may seem inappropriate to some. We assure you, we are not taking a stand for inequality. We have used the example because it seems effective in getting the basic concept across. This is because we all have known men and women who are operating in these traditional roles of the sexes. Please note: this type of processing is actually intended as an effective way to overcome any type of "traditional roles."

2008-10 Rolf Dane. For more info about DEEP processing, email the developer at: rolf_dane@yahoo.com.