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Some Testimonials

I want to say  that Rolf  pulled me out of deep  and murky  dungeon starting only a few weeks ago. If it was not for Rolf, I have no idea what I would have done.
I highly recommend him.

Rolf has a whole arsenal of techniques and processes  that go very deep.
I have worked with a good number of practitioners over the years, since 1997,  and
Rolf  is the best I have had. He quickly  got into areas I have not touched before in over over 250 hrs of sessions.

D.P., Canada

 I am touched by the fact that after so many years of pumping energy into spiritual work, on a one-way flow most of the time and sometimes to the point of exhaustion, there is finally something substantial coming back to me.

This is only a snapshot of my first impressions, we just started a few weeks ago. I am happy, and grateful.

H.B., Austria

In these sessions my practitioner is Rolf Dane has been doing ability coaching with me; I am sitting on the East Coast, USA, while he is in Denmark! via Skype. This is long distance sessions that probably needs to be experienced to be believed. It was obvious to me Rolf's ability to run the session was unharmed and spot on.

I had several expansions of awareness over the course of sessions. I got an awareness of ability to remove charge from all existing Beings regarding an incident involving "separation from native state."  It was quite a revealing adventure.

I feel  I have regained some ability's yet to be fully expressed.
I am currently still adjusting to my improved condition. My ethic viewpoint is upgrading. 

Thank you Rolf, Great Life Review rendition. 


This is indeed an important process for me. I am able to fully live through parts of my life that I didn't have the time to experience when they originally happened. I always thought that charge goes back to incomplete life cycles, pieces of life not lived in all their parts or not fully understood.

Only now in session can I go back and fully experience my own feelings of horror at the time, or in other words, completely finish living through these moments. I had to DO so much that I couldn't BE myself.

I don't know where this is covered by theory, but it has a great value for me at the moment.

S.T., Austria

 Since being on your lines, Good news for me... There was a phone call while I was in a session with you. It later turned out it was an job offer. I was amazed at this. I'm self employed and I offer my services via large companies that are seeking out my skills. The offer was thanks to my last session from you. I want to say a big thank you, Rolf. Your professional manner puts me at ease as does your gentle kind approach in session.
C.G., Scotland

I was in pains for most of the last 40 years.
They went back to my last death - a whole pattern that explained why this current lifetime of mine is especially difficult was revealed, and I am now much more positive about living through the rest of it (though I still would appreciate more tasteful screenplays - I've had enough slapstick).

What a surprise: It was nothing but what appeared to be routine sessions that removed these decades old pain. Who would have expected that?
Smiling now occurs naturally and even in the middle of an extremely challenging time in my job. Wow.

B.R.., Austria

The addressing of bad deeds and secrets gave me a great relief from a feeling of guilt that has been eating me up for a long time.
Also, it was a revelatory experience going through some of my out-of-the-body experiences of my past.
My ability to remember past lives got enhanced after running some incidents.

H.G., Mexico.

Regarding the sessions I got from you, I would say it has been kind of a clean up of many life times. This has been fabulous. My emotional well being is stably better and higher. Thanks for that.

H.G., Mexico

A Big Win courtesy of Rolf Dane, expert practitioner

Ever wonder how you got into this mess from the beginning, the first incident at beginning of time, what happened, why, how, who done It? Probably most if not all of us have.

What happens when you unravel that mystery and come away with the understanding and perception of what happened. Well if you are me, you realize you have been trying to find this Exact point for maybe half an Eternity.

Getting there was a bit tough at times. On occasion there seemed live barriers to deny the knowledge of the Truth I needed to move foreword on the chain or incident. Literally a "not to be known" or "to not know" intention.
With expert processor skill and guidance, and my intention to know, we got me
through "to Know".

I had in my past session work, come to the clear realization a couple of times. Many
know what that is, but in deference to those who don't, I'll refrain mentioning
details of it. However in this first incident, I came face to face with the
exact mechanism, the first time, not just the realization.

Lots of understanding is gained by the direct experience of this mechanism. So
much that I'm still sorting it all out and realizing more.

S.J., Connecticut

"What you resist, if you lose, you get." That was the beginning of the end of my sovereign state, and entrance to the game of being, doing and having, Polarity and Games Universes.

I now Have the certainty, that It can all be undone. My simple mistake can be rectified. I will be able to return to the Sovereign State once again, only this time I'll know the game and will be able to play or not at my will.

"Currently, major shifts of operating basis now and into the future are in the works. 

Very Very Big Thanks to Rolf Dane, for helping me As Is what has been, and what is.


Objective Grounding Program

Today is a great day because I have finally after lots of obstacles completed my objective program. I feel oriented in present time, feel in complete control and I feel that I am freed from being controlled by my past.

Thanks to Rolf who was a great ability coach. The future looks bright.

Looking forward to completing the whole program.

Thanks to the developer and to Rolf.


J.O., Denmark

"Handling of Antagonistic Person" Assist

Client had had a dispute with a rough business associate and was ready to give up her career as an artist:

"I got very upset and overwhelemed by emotional charge in the process of a dispute over money. Luckily my Ability  practitioner handled the upset and situation within minutes. Afterwards I was keyed out and could face the antagonist and to my amazement he was now nice to me. Thanks to Rolf for helping me out; you are a great practitioner."

J.S., Sweden

States of Mind Win

Here is another win from session work.

My kids used to be grumpy for various reasons. One particular situation we used to have was that my 16 year old son wanted his 20 old brother to play with him while the 20 year old wanted to be on his own.

The older brother rejected his younger brother rather rudely, and the younger also developed a rude attitude, either as a result of that or all by himself, who knows. Now his asking for playing time with the older was no longer sounding friendly but pretty harsh, and the older was even less inclined to spend time with him.
I had both boys crying about that situation several times.

Now Rolf and I have covered some of these things in session. I could not say that one particular session handled it with a big bang, but I now find myself more in present time, more relaxed and more creative in various situations that come up with the boys.

Just recently the 16 year old tried to order me around like a lackey. Instead of the angry rebuff I would have given him some months ago, having to keep my position (a goal I found very energized in session), I grinned and asked whether that was all the arrogance he could muster?
I let him repeat the same thing with more and even stronger arrogance, and as he was still in the kitchen and had not escaped through a banging door, I turned the whole thing into a tone scale drill where he had to give me the same message but on different tone levels, from very low to very high.
He did the drill and even enjoyed it, and I found it fun! The idea wouldn't have come to me while I still had a lot of charge on male arrogance.

The kids are now finding things that they like to do together.
...Talking about dealing with other people's personal problems (again)... hmmm...

B.R., Austria

After Present Life Issues Program

Till now it went well. First time I  find a practitioner who knows his business,  has patience and does not have other intentions besides helping. Really appreciate it.

Wins so far: Communication is better with relatives; things are better at work; increased ability to face places and people . For example I plan to gather my fellow soldiers to a meeting so we can visit our old air base together.
R.U., Israel

Assist Action after Bypass Heart Surgery

Life Review, – great wins

Three days ago I went to cloud nr. 6 and it seems I am more or less still there. Not that I suffer from split personality, on the contrary. I found both ME and I in the incident running sessions I had from Rolf. This was quite amazing…

I had an some sessions from Rolf relating to a 4 years old operation on my heart, a scary thing which would have killed me 20 years ago. I had been looking at this incident a couple of times myself, but all I could find was a black curtain pulled down. A few small peaks behind the black curtain were very strenuous.

We went at it! and I don’t think there is one second of the 3 weeks long incident I don’t know minutely and exactly by now. These sessions were so much into all the corners of this incident (physical trauma.) I just couldn’t believe what came up. Upsets, hidden communications, lots of heavy charge, fixed ideas, invalidations, stuff pushed in, hidden sort of hypnotic phrases galore, and opposed goals... you name it.. I found all these things and got rid of all this.. I have no idea how much time we spent on this, it was 4 – 6 smaller or longer sessions and probably something like 2˝ - 3 hours all told.

With this Life Review technique you could probably handle an entire case. 

This assist has totally rekindled my purpose of helping others even after 40.000 hrs as a practitioner. Clients: watch out, you don’t have a chance to keep your beloved problems and difficulties anymore…

Thank you very much Rolf.

P.S., Denmark

After Drug Handling Sessions

I've just completed a sesies of sessions addressing the effects of Drugs and I feel great. I'm in present time and feel very happy. I can't wait to continue with ability coaching sessions.

A thank you to the developer of this and thanks to you, Rolf for your affinity and dedication to your clients. It made it a pleasant experience for me.

H.J., Denmark

Receiving these sessions helped me handle some situations in my mind that had been upsetting me. I found out why some things had happened which resulted in mental masses blowing. Finding Rolf Dane has been delightful because he is a practitioner who is highly educated, knowledgeable, personable and flexible. 
Thank you, 
M. F., Michigan

After DEEP Character Clearing

The very good news is that over those past weeks I have often
experienced the wins
and good results from my service with you!!! Even at moments when
things were not so easy I still had this feeling of "joie de vie". Joy was the word that
often came to my mind and I would find myself smiling :) . Friends of mine told me that I
stayed so calm and that they wouldn't be so calm in my circumstances. And it was true.
Before my service with you I could not imagine that I would ever feel  like this again :)
A.M., Luxembourg

Dec 2014 6 months after service

As to the processing I received from you: I still experience the wins thereof!
I am much happier, lighter.... I don't get angry so easily. My space is much more open.
I pull in really nice people and get a lot of appreciation from my environment .
Time and time again the word 'joy' come up in my mind! I am happy!

 A.M., Luxembourg



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