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When You Conquer Your Own Past, You Conquer the Elements that Can Make Life Stressful and outright Unbearable

"Stress" is a buzzword that doesn't have an agreed upon definition. Yet, all agree upon it has something to do with an over-reaction to the present that seems out of place. It can be due to overload (too much to deal with) or due to irrational factors kicking in. It is said to underlie as much as 70% of all physical illness.

The beauty of delivering Life Review is: whatever your experience of "stress" is and whatever definition seems right for you, that is where we can start. By looking at the emotional and experiential elements of "stress," the practitioner can directly address the experience of overload and irrational emotion that the client is bothered by and wants to overcome.

This is done by natural means without the use of drugs or hypnosis. It requires full presence of mind.

A Frame of Reference

"The Life Review techniques comprise a time machine of sorts. The client is, under the practitioner's skillful guidance, sent into the past. He/she fixes what went wrong and is then safely returned to present time. Voila! That piece of the past has lost its negative energy and the power to control the client now and forever. The misery the negative energy caused, in terms of stress, troublesome emotions, pains, aches and even physical symptoms, is simply gone."



Scanning of Experiences

Scanning of Experiences is a light technique designed for clients early in their processing. One can, for example, sift through the client's childhood and discharge the area for harmful emotional content. This is initially done like reviewing a video in fast-forward. The same can be done with more specific issues, such as school experiences, marriage or work history, living in a certain place, etc. The whole chosen area is first inspected in bird's eye view. Sticky points are then subject to closer inspection. In doing this with the Life Review techniques, the client can discharge and separate out unpleasant experiences, leave them behind and be allowed a fresh start without that mental baggage.

Estimated Time per issue: 2-5 hours.

Addressing Losses and Accidents

A beneficial technique is to address known accidents and losses using Life Review on that particular incident. Due to the varied use of different techniques it's relative fast and it is very effective in dealing with the issue.
Physical trauma: one can address accidents, operations, sports injuries, giving birth, rape, violent incidents and any other known event containing physical injury and erase its effects on the mind and reduce its impact on the body. This leads to faster recovery but does not replace medical treatment which always should be done when needed and done first.
Losses: One can address loss of loved ones: to death, departure, divorce, break-up, etc. Other types of loss that routinely come up are: loss of property and money, bankruptcy, being the victim of a non-violent crime, such as theft, fraud, etc.

Estimated Time: 3-5 hours per issue.


Aches and Pains
Including "Medical Symptoms"

Inexplicable aches and pains, and even medical symptoms, can be addressed with Life Review techniques. The interaction of spirit, mind, body is fully in play here. By taking each pain or sensation contained in an overall condition, one can methodically reduce and erase its impact and ill effects. This is not a medical approach, nor is it a cure for illness. But it is an excellent supplement to a doctor's care. The physician's approach holds the fort and fixes the physical damage. The Life Review procedures find and erase the spiritual and mental reasons it happened in the first place and get the client completely out of the danger zone.
Another condition that often has been addressed with success in Life Review is allergy. Allergies have a clear psychosomatic side that can be traced back to traumatic incidents. Once found, they can be addressed and erased.

Estimated Time: individual. Ask for estimate

Emotional Issues, Including
"Stress" and "Depression"

Pure emotional content makes an excellent entry point in Life Review. One can, for example, locate a certain unwanted emotion or feeling connected to a larger issue and take it up with Life Review techniques. This will eliminate the unwanted feeling as an automatic companion or response. One finds another unwanted feeling connected to the same issue, addresses it and runs that out, etc. If you take all too common conditions as "stress" or "feeling depressed," each of these conditions consists of many single elements that first are isolated and then dealt with one by one.
The list of larger issues one can work on is endless: Performance in a field, such as work, study, sports, sex. One can address an unpleasant environment, certain people, type of situation, a pathological condition, etc. in this way. All such issues have an emotional side that can be be analyzed for its elements and the elements addressed and erased one by one.

Estimated Time: individual. Ask for estimate

Life Review Unleashed

In Life Review each incident contacted is exhausted for charge and important details. This is done by using a number of techniques of many available. Once that incident is fully explored  or "flat," one looks typically for an earlier one with a similar content.

In advanced Life Review, such a chain of incidents can be taken very far back. Not only prior to this life, but prior to this planet and even further back. We end up with addressing situations that are archetypical for the client.
   By addressing what we find, a whole host of negative issues will be shattered and their underpinnings erased, all at the same time.

Besides the very real and tangible issues related to emotions or body problems, any other issue significant to the client has a history and a starting point. This can be traced back, using the Life Review techniques.
One can broadly address a whole sphere of life, be it the sphere of sex or family life; one's performance in groups; one's attitudes to a multitude of different groups; one's relationship and attitudes to mankind and its many types of population; the relationship  to the animal kingdom and plants, our planet, etc.
   One can, for example, address large issues like "global warming," "pollution," or "the financial crisis" and resolve aspects related to oneself. In mysterious ways, this also helps change the general attitude to such important problems. There is at some level a telepathic connection between all forms of life.
   Any such large or universal issue is fascinating to address and run  for a person who has had a long lasting interest therein. One is engaging in a broader spiritual journey, going beyond this immediate life and existence.

"Besides the very real and tangible issues related to emotions or body problems, any other issue significant to the client has a history and a starting point. This can be traced back, using the Life Review techniques."

Life Review as Time Machine

Any such quest into the big issues is based on the client's individual history and relationship to the chosen sphere of existence. If the client has a genuine interest in a sphere, one will also find emotional charge and incidents to address and run related to that.
   The client's personal history and experiences in any such sphere are usually more dramatic than any Hollywood time machine movie. The engagement is real and the incidents are having tangible effects on the client's present life. This history and the experiences can be explored first-hand, using Life Review as a safe and reliable vehicle for traveling in time and space.


2009 Rolf Dane