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Copenhagen, August 2009.

About Rolf Dane

I have lived and worked in USA for many years. In March of  2009 I moved back to my native Denmark. I now live and work in Copenhagen.
To maintain the connection to my international clientele, I decided to refine and expand my services via phone. I still do face to face consultations in Copenhagen.

My journey as a practitioner started many years ago, studying philosophy and psychology at Copenhagen University where I got a degree in those subjects (Cand. Phil. — with Honors.)

I soon left the traditional route and beliefs in order to do practical consulting and counseling and directly help clients with their lives, issues and situations.  As a consultant and ability coach I traveled and worked in many countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom and  five states in the USA.

In my current practice here in Copenhagen I have by telephone serviced people in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, UK, Australia, Israel, South Korea, USA, Canada, Mexico, Slovenia and the Nederlands. The list of countries is growing by the day.

Among the people I count as my mentors are Clearbird of Standard Clearing Technology; Frank A. Gerbode and Marian Volkman of Applied Metapsychology; Hank Levin of Clearing Technology; Alan C. Walter of Knowlegism; Captain Bill Roberson of Excalibur; Bill Nichols of Unstacking; the Pilot of Self Clearing; Flemming Funch of Transformational Processing; Jack Horner of Eductivism; L. Kin of Postulate Processing; Zivorad Slavinski of PEAT; Gary Craig of EFT; John Galusha and Mike Goldstein of Idenics; John Mace of the Mace Method; Dennis Stephens of Trom; Per Schiøttz and Torben Staal of Balancing; Heidrun Beer of LLP; Peter Shepherd; Jeff Filbert; Ed Dawson and Max Sanders; Luca Terzi; Mary Freeman; Nancy Walcott; Rowland Barkley; Ruthann Hobbs of Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics; and many others.

My aim has always been to produce practical results for my clients in the realms of life and spirituality. The emphasis is on developing ability, insight and awareness that directly can be translated into better, more productive and harmonic lives for my clients.

Rolf Dane
Ability Coach


© 2009 Rolf Dane



With a group of practitioners and clients