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In Ability Processing we address the main spheres of difficulties in life, one after the other. It is designed as a number of levels that are done in sequence. It could be called the curriculum needed for a better life.
These actions are delivered in sequence only. This ensures optimum results. Pressing issues that seem to belong to one particular action or level can, however, usually be addressed temporarily with PT Issues techniques or Life Review techniques.



One's success in life increases significantly with one's ability to communicate. Good communication can resolve just about any problem or situation. The very ability to communicate is addressed here by a long series of processes.

The end product of this processing is: "Client capable of communicating to anyone about any subject."

Estimated Time: 15-25 hours.


To have problems is part of being human and alive. There are, however, roughly two types of problems.
   There are quandaries: Situations that drag out and drag us down and occasionally make life unbearable.
   Then there are challenges: Situations we approach with resolve and energy. Challenges provide joy, excitement, engagement, and sometimes happiness, while tackling them. When conquered and done they provide useful products and satisfaction.

In processing problems the underlying sources of quandaries are inspected and, one by one, these quandaries are moved over into the challenge column. Many of the apparent quandaries disappear entirely because they contained unknown elements, "lies" and false assumptions that, when exposed make the problem vanish.

Estimated Time: 10-20 hours.


Relief Processing

In the workaday world we often commit acts we later live to regret. Also, we become the target for other people's thoughtless or ill-intended actions. We suffer from what is usually known as a bad conscience. The dominant feelings are shame, blame and regret.
   This condition tends to paralyze our resolve and lower our energy level. One tends to withdraw from the world as a means of not causing harm.

Relief processing attacks the issue head on! All this can be cleared away with amazing efficiency in a limited span of time. One will experience "lost" life force and energy return and have a brighter outlook on the future. Old friendships can be restored as a result of relief processing.

Estimated Time: 10-20 hours.

Freedom from Upsets in Life

You probably have experiences in your past that seem like magnets for your thoughts and the source of broken relationships, a general feeling of misery or "stress."

These upsets can be addressed with laser sharp precision and cleared up with processing. It wasn't "life" or "destiny" that had condemned us. It was the effects and emotional charge these upsets had left behind in our minds. In this processing this emotional charge is addressed and cleared up in short order. As a result we feel a new or renewed freedom in life. Once more, the sky is blue and it's okay to feel love for others.

Estimated Time: 5-10 hours.

Overcoming Fixed Conditions

Our ability to perform and live a happy life is often undermined by the fixed ideas and convictions we hold. One particular type that can cause unnecessary hardship is called a "Survival Computation" (Service Facsimile.) It's an "I am right- you are wrong" type of idea or computation that can defy all reason and logic. We hold many of these fixed ideas in different forms and they come into play under certain circumstances. They tend to lock our behavior into irrational "survival patterns." By locating these types of fixed ideas and closely inspecting them, we can move out of irrational defensive or aggressive behavior and instead act with greater openness, confront and efficiency. This processing improves what is known as social skills tremendously. We can deal with other people by just being ourselves. No need to put them down or make them wrong in order to "survive."

Estimated Time: 5-10 hours.

2009 Rolf Dane