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Present Life Issues Program (Dealing with Stress)

The Present Life Issues Program (or "PT Issues" for short) is the best starting point for most clients. It addresses current difficulties, problems, issues and "stress" in the broadest sense of the word. This includes potential sources of "stress." Anything the client is bothered about in his or her daily life can be taken up: Troubled relationships; long term problems and difficulties; feeling miserable about things; past and present upsets in life; or not having enough energy to work on one's chores or work-a-day goals to name some common issues.

The program is started with an in-depth interview and is then tailor made to address the most significant present life issue, or issues, uncovered.

Thus, it is the client's issues that determine what techniques should be used. We have an array of techniques available and can deal with very personal problems in a direct and efficient manner. It's both a compassionate and "businesslike" way to overcome present life issues and sources of stress. It opens the door to a better life.

A basic program takes between 15-25 hours



If your life seems like a difficult jig saw puzzle,
"PT Issues" will help you sort it out

2009 Rolf Dane