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"My aim has always been to produce practical results for my clients in the realms of life and spirituality. The emphasis is on developing ability, insight and awareness that directly can be translated into better, more productive and harmonic lives for my clients."
Rolf Dane


My name is Rolf Dane.

I have been in the self improvement business for over 25 years. Mainly, I have done face to face consultations and I have a solid record of producing desired positive changes for my clients.

I am now introducing a new and more convenient way of delivering my services that modern technology has made possible. I can now deliver it by telephone and internet. I still use the same time-proven techniques but have adapted them slightly to this new medium.

This method of delivery means lower cost in producing the service resulting in a very affordable price per hour for you, the client. Send me an email so we can establish a live talk via phone or Skype (computer based telephony.)

Rolf Dane,
Cand. phil.

Certified Ability Coach and Consultant
Class 8 (HSST)
Ability One Group

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Here are 3 videos, released April, 2013, to introduce our new services, named DEEP Processing.
Click a picture to start the video playing:

Introducing DEEP Processing.
15 mins

Basic Techniques.
9 mins

      DEEP Character Clearing.
6 mins.


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