A: to agree
to acquire
to administer
to analyze
to admire
to assist
To accept
to allow
to as-Is
to act
B: to breathe,
to beautify
to build
to breastfeed
to befriend
to bond
to band together
to barter
to buy
C: to control
to communicate

to counsel
to console
to correct
to consolidate
to convince
to calculate
to create
to comply,
to charm
to comfort
to confront
to convince
to clean
to connect
to crave
to compete
to court (courtship)
to celebrate
to cooperate
D: to digest
to desire
to defend
to drive
to dream
to design
to drink
E: to explore (life)
to earn
to educate
to enhance
to eat
to exchange

to evaluate
to endure
to exchange
to energize
F: to seek fun and pleasure,
to go free (to be saved)
to be famous
to feel
to fly
to follow
to function
to fondle,
to free
to be free
to father
to seek food
to feed (others)
to flirt
G: to grow (plants, etc.)
to grow (own body)
to grow up
to glorify
to guide
to give
H: to be healthy
to be happy
to help
to have
to hear
to heal
 to handle
to have
to hunt
I: to inform
to invent
to inflow
to impress
to introduce
to induce
to intuit

J: to judge K: to know L: to find love
to love
to lecture
to listen
to like
to learn

to be liked (to please)
to lead
to listen
to locate
M: to make money
to moralize
to maintain
to move
to mother
N: to need
to negotiate
O:  to own
to organize
P: to seek fun and pleasure
to be powerful
to play (games)
to play (music)
to purify
to present
to protect
to preserve
to promote
to ponder
to perform
to please
to pamper
to praise
to promote,
to promise
to prioritize
to persist
to party
to produce


Q: to question
to qualify

R: to be rich
to review
to raise (children)
 to rear (ones progeny)
to remember
to reason
 to rest
to run
to respect
 to reach
to receive
to race

S: to have sex
to pursue sex
to speak
to speak in public
to shop
to save (resources)
to serve
to save (beings)
to sell

to smell
 to study
to sail
to survive
to shine
to sense
to see
to support
to slee
to "score" (sex)
to show

to sing
to satisfy
to socialize
to be sane
T:  to touch
to think
to taste
to travel
to transport
to thrive
to tolerate
to treat
to take
to tutor
to trade
U: to understand
to unite
V: to voice
to vote
to be visible
  X, Y, Z:


Goals Lists

List One:
Know, control, help, communicate, create,  love, sex, admire, reason, emote, be, do, have, work, make money, socialize, eat, drink, sleep, organize, defend, learn, understand, to have fun

To make known - to know - to make not known - to not know.
to control - to be controlled - to make not control - to
to help - to be helped - to not help - to not be helped

By Dynamics

2D; to love, admire, sex, help, control, receive, give, to "score", support, satisfy, to emote, to thrive.